Unleash data-driven AI co-pilots for your enterprise

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Arti is an advanced AI assistant developed by ZennLab with access to internal Zennify documents and real-time data sources for context-aware responses. Arti leverages the latest state-of-the-art AI models, such as GPT-4, and can be accessed from anywhere. Arti has unique features such as Chain of Thought (CHOT) middleware which allows Arti to make sequenced decisions and integrate with enterprise platforms like Salesforce, Github, and Jira for real time information. Arti is designed to evolve with AI advancements and provides an improved user experience with additional services like Slack commands and Voice summarization.

Arti: Zennify's Chat GPT interface with internally grounded data sources

Integrates with everything

  • Arti Chat: A conversational AI that can answer questions, provide summaries, and generate creative content from Zennify knowledge.
  • Arti Slack: A Slack integration that allows you to interact with Arti within Slack using the /arti command.
  • Arti Voice Summaries: Generate voice transcripts with sentiment, speaker identification, and summaries.
  • Accessible from desktop or mobile
  • Ability to connect to data sources for real time summarization or data extraction
  • Arti: Zennify's Chat GPT interface responding with internal data sources
  • Example of slack text
  • Example of slack image
  • Upload media recordings for voice analysis
  • Voice transcriptions with speaker identification and sentiment analysis
  • Generate summaries or extract information from voice transcripts
  • Example summary generated from a technology feature demo

Your data. Your models.

  • Create and serve GPT models with your data
  • Fully Containerized
  • Host in your cloud or on-premise
  • Arti's "Chain of Thought" capability enables it to integrate real-time data sources from a variety of platforms such as Salesforce, Github, Jira, and web searches.
  • Example of Salesforce LWC
  • Example of Salesforce lead
  • Example dataset
  • Example dataset records

Multi-Model Inference

  • Text Generation
    • Question Answering
    • Information Extraction
    • Summarization
    • Creative Writing
    • Code Generation
    • Brainstorming
    • Classification
  • Image Generation
  • Example of image generation
  • Example of open QA

Train On-Demand

Fine tune and host generative AI models for specialized use cases. We are cloud agnostic with ability to leverage resources from the cloud platform of your choice.

  • Curate training data in your network
  • Launch training instances using best available GPU hardware
  • Support Multi-Cloud GPUs
  • Store and archive your models
  • Example of training models
  • Example of training sessions
  • Example of training flow
  • Example of inference flow



You control every aspect of your data from source through to AI training and inference


The Zennlab AI platform right sizes model weights to your use cases and the multi-model approach allows routing to models with more parameters as input token complexity increases.


Open source foundational models enable hot swapping training methods and model sizes to the latest state of the art hardware and AI research methods.


Fully customizable to your needs and fine tuned for your use cases.


Training sets and model training lifecycle is observable from application layer through to network layer and down to persistence. Data archival and backups give you flexibility to rollback to any prior version.


Accessible from any device or application that you enable for your organization.

OpenAI Models

We make use of Azure OpenAI services for the latest high grade models.
  • GPT-4 (8k)
  • GPT-4 (32k)

Foundational Models

We also fine tune open foundational models like the following to create private versions of Arti using our data sets.


  • Text Generation
  • Image Generation
  • Chain of Thought
  • User Interface
  • Training Data Dashboard
  • Training Data Editor
  • Your Chat GPT
  • Slack Command
  • Voice Summaries

Use Cases

  • Company knowledge widget
  • Technical solution recommendations
  • Email / Case Classification
  • Summarization of text or raw data (JSON, XML, CSV)
  • Writing emails, blogs, job postings
  • Generating images or graphics for marketing content
  • Meeting transcriptions and summaries